Hotel History

The historical Hotel Angleterre has a fascinating and moving story,
that dates to the end of 19th century.
Within the means of growing German businesses
1891 the Basler Insurance Group acquired
a parcel of land at Friedrichstraße, which was rebuilt to a neo-renaissance palace by architect Gustav Knoblauch.
1893 the Basler Insurance Group finally moved
their office into the building. The ground floor has been
rented to shops, while the upper floors have been
used for offices and housing.
Impressive stuccos
1924 The Swiss Embassy moved
 into the Basler building, details of former residental
rooms are still to be found in today’s Victoria suites.
A historical building

The building remained almost undamaged even
after bombings of the Second World War.
Accurate and careful renovation works and artistic
innovation have been made and set for today’s Hotel Angleterre.

Historical elements such as the old basilisk,
have been preserved and can be marvelled
upon at the entrance.